10th November - Continuing the Winter Base

Winter; the season of constant bike cleaning and indoor training. Mudguards and lack thereof are the bane of my outdoor training sessions. Riding behind someone at a club run who does not have mudguards is quite horrid, showering dirty farm road water all over me. My clothes and backside look questionable by the end of a run to say the least!

I did attempt to fit mudguards to my bike recently, but they were incompatible with my 28mm Continental GP 4 Seasons and the Spin Koppenberg 25s. I finally managed to secure a set to the back of the bike, which seems to be the area of most dire need, and provided at least some protection for the rider behind me. 


As a result the Turbo Trainer has been getting some serious use and I feel this week was a breakthrough in my endurance.
Monday's recovery ride hit 100rpm!  The resistance was lower, but blimey my legs were whirring.
Tuesday I worked hard, keeping my heart rate around 148. This seems so much easier on the road rather than the Turbo Trainer, and calling it the “sweet spot” does not make it any sweeter or more palatable to endure. I managed 45 minutes, before getting fed up. This is an area for improvement, as I have been instructed to get used to these rides.
Determined to make up for Tuesday, I hit the road on Wednesday and felt so much better. I went for a simple ride out with climbs to maintain my heart rate. The traffic, road debris and visibility made for a challenging ride as staying alert is imperative in these conditions.


Thursday made me feel wonderful by the end, after a rocky start. I was instructed to do 20 minutes threshold, repeated reps.  The first was a struggle to elevate and maintain my heart rate, but I managed it with some effort.  After a 20 minute recovery I got a second wind.  Achieving the desired heart rate on the next rep seemed so much easier to maintain to my relief.  I realise once more this is all a mental game, and I can work harder on the Turbo Trainer in future.  It is all about getting it up and keeping it up.
On Saturday I was feeling apathetic and was going to give the shop cake ride a miss until I heard Jackie made sticky date cake. With this incentive I changed my plans and ventured out for cake and rode 50km in the lovely afternoon sunshine in the little ring!).

Sunday's club run was leisurely and enjoyable, as we were all concentrating on staying upright whilst getting sensible mileage in the conditions.  One poor soul in the fast group slipped on leaves, and ended up hospitalised, fairly bloodied and bruised (broken collarbone, punctured lung and 2 days in ICU).  Winter is certainly not a time for training heroics. Stay safe everyone, “Winter is coming”, as they say on Game of Thrones!