8th December week – Power Base

A family knees-up is a worthy excuse to forego training. Yesterday, good food naturally took the place of my bike to celebrate my uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary, although as designated driver I stayed sober as a saint. On the other hand there was a very good cake – say no more!
The start of the week flew by in a flash, and a late Monday working in London followed by a day trip to France on Tuesday meant there was no time to focus on my training. So I dare say I was looking forward to getting back on the turbo trainer when Wednesday arrived. Whilst I’m a firm believer that training outdoors soothes the soul, the blustery December weather makes the turbo a much safer and drier option.
A good base hour on the bike is a great way to ease yourself back into the routine after a few days off, and it certainly got my legs moving and the sweat flowing. However I must say that the term ‘sweet spot’ – riding at about 95% of your threshold HR – is something of a misnomer when applied to the turbo. Although 30 minutes riding at that pace through the countryside is actually quite satisfying, I find it much harder to get my heart rate up with 10 minute reps indoors. Who’s with me on this one?

My point was proven on Saturday, when I finally met up with my BeforeTheTour pal (fixed chain intact!) and a club friend for a blast in the great outdoors. Cold as it was, we worked up quite a speed for the first hour, which reassured me that I wasn’t losing my touch. However Nic and I politely passed on the 100 mile target that our friend was hoping to cover. After all, it was a Saturday afternoon.
I’m currently weighing up whether to take my own hand built bike to Haleakala, or to rent a standard sized bike on Maui. Of course I’d rather take my own, but this could be tricky not to mention expensive… Oh the joys of being a cyclist!