15th December – Winter Base Continues

Christmas is a busy time in the social calendar, and another family party was a great end to the weekend before a very wintery week of cycling.
On a side note, I read a rather interesting bike review recently that offers some food for thought. The magazine was awash with reviewers raving about a fantastic new carbon bike made in the UK. They loved the bike, the way it rode and the fact that it was produced on home soil. Intrigued about the product, I did a little digging of my own and found that they had all been duped – the bike was made in Italy.
Can you really trust reviews when the writers simply recycle the information given by the supplier without checking it? Do you do extra research when reading up on new bikes and accessories?
Anyway, back to my winter base week! Monday got off to a great start with a lovely meditative recovery (from overindulgence!) on the turbo. 60 minutes at over 100rpm got the juices well and truly flowing again, leaving me in high spirits. However that session proved to be the calm before the storm, as on the agenda for Tuesday was 45 minutes at the sweet spot. Whilst this is relatively easy on the bike, it’s much tougher – not to mention a little boring – on the trainer. That said, I felt good for it afterwards, especially knowing that Wednesday was a Zone 2 ride.

Bright winter sun greeted me on Friday, making it an easy decision to forego the turbo and get outside for some fresh air and psyche healing. Besides, the evening turbo session had already been ruled out, as a ticket to see Lucy Punch perform in ‘Great Britain’ was too good to miss. We had

a lovely evening, and London at Christmas never ceases to amaze with its magic - the Shard had special lighting to appear like a firework, and the whole scene was incredibly festive.
I was prepared for an ass-kicking on Saturday morning when I met Kerry - a young, fit, personal trainer – for a ride. Thankfully she took pity on my sluggish speed and was gentle with me, so it turned out to be a great blast out in the sun. The icing on the cake (literally) had to the freshly baked cake awaiting us when we returned!
Sunday marked the last Club run before Christmas, and a rather jolly one at that. The local pub laid on coffee and mince pies before the ride, followed by a far more leisurely stroll on the bikes than usual. The perfect way to wind down the weekend with only a few days until Santa arrives!