12th January - 9 Weeks to go!

Nearly halfway through January and another week began with a clogged chest and achy sinuses. However training doesn’t do itself, so on Monday night I powered through an hour on the turbo trainer to ease myself back into the routine. Whilst I was never going to smash my personal best at a gentle 110 bpm, it felt good to get the legs turning and have a long stretch afterwards.

With 9 or so weeks until I leave for the Pacific, the health blip has left me a little nervous – not to mention weak and tired. But then again, when you’re as old as me a bad cold really takes it out of you. Things started to look up on Tuesday though, and if anything the bad times only fill you with determination to come back stronger.

On Wednesday I’d arranged to visit Dr D, the man also known as “the bike whisperer”. Seeing that the poor guy had come down with a nasty cold too, I felt a little less sorry for myself. He was in his pyjamas when I turned up to collect the Sarto Asola from him, and was heading straight back to bed after I left. Hope he gets better soon - I think everyone’s immune systems have been feeling the strain after Christmas!

Did anyone else read Road.cc’s “Top Upgrades for Your Bike in 2015”? I was delighted to see my choice of hoops was so highly regarded, whilst the groupset I use (Shimano Ultegra 6800) also got a mention! All that was missing from their list was my frame, but hey, they have yet to learn!

Once the frost and ice had melted away on Saturday I took the opportunity for an afternoon ride. It was great to get out in the sun and fresh air on a beautiful winter’s day, but my heart rate was still too elevated for the speed I was doing. The body is a fragile thing really, and it was a reminder that I’m not back to 100% just yet.

The cold spell lasted through Sunday morning, so rather than risk the roads I chose a turbo session – the Sufferfest Downward Spiral! Although this is an interval session I really quite enjoy it if I’m honest - possibly because it has structure. Having worked at what I thought was a reasonable pace, I was disappointed when my HR trace told me it was mostly Z3-4. How annoying to have lost performance so quickly – I thought I was working much harder!

After a pretty poor week of training, there’s nothing like talking to the younger generation to boost the confidence levels; my son generously reminded me that at my age my body is degrading at a faster rate than I can upgrade it! But age is just a number, right?