2nd February - Training and the West End

Allowing someone else to set you a training programme is a great way to enrich your routine with variety and new challenges, so Dave Lloyd kindly sent one over for the week ahead. However, it didn’t get off to a great start on Monday when I opened the wrong one. Instead of a testing 1.25 hours at 100RPM to 120RPM, I embarked on a gentle recovery ride. Probably for the best - I can just about manage a prolonged 110TPM, but Dave’s prescribed speed and duration was a tall order…
I hardly redeemed myself as the week went on - adhering to the plan proved to be difficult! Instead of putting myself through the paces with 12 x ½ mile flat-out intervals on Tuesday, I enjoyed a rather less strenuous two intervals at The Book of Mormon on the West End. Definitely worth a visit though, I might add. Wednesday’s excuses were a little more valid, as a day jam-packed with errands soon disappeared, leaving me no time to get on the trainer.
Dave had warned that Thursday would be a ‘hard day today,’ and had prescribed 3 x 20 minutes lower Zone 5 (25mile TT pace - whatever the hell that is!), with 5 minutes recovery between each session.  Unlike training outdoors, getting my HR to 158bpm on the turbo really pushes me to my limits. It seems to require so much more effort than the road bike, but with the frosty conditions outside I’d much prefer to train indoors.  Eventually I bailed, although I did make up for it with a difficult Downward Spiral. You know you’ve been working hard when you finish feeling spaced out!
I thought that the Wales v England match on Friday would be good motivation to get my training done and dusted as soon as possible. Dave’s plan called for 2x2 miles flat out, with 5 minute recovery; 3x1 mile intervals with 3 minute recoveries; 4x½ mile intervals with 3 minute recovery, then 5x30 second “all out” sprints with 1 minute recoveries.  However a few early hiccups with the computer and measurements meant it soon went to pot, though I did put in an hour of fairly hard work before I replaced the trainer with the telly!
The weekend provides some welcome time on the clock for outdoor training, so on Saturday I decided to do some hills. I managed to tackle Box Hill 5 times in a row before cycling home feeling pretty happy with my performance. I’ll have to do it again soon to compare my stats. 
Sunday was a club day, but after a week of training my legs felt leaden.  We managed 40 or so miles at a respectable speed, but despite lovely sunshine the cold and wind made it rather less pleasant than it should have been. Funny how the weather can make such a difference to your training - hopefully spring is on it’s way soon so I can spend more time outdoors…