9th March - The Journey Begins.

After a fantastic weekend of great weather, great riding and great company, I was still buzzing on Monday. I even had some video footage to show for it, thanks to the loan of the Garmin Virb (still can’t understand the logic behind that name!) from Pure Motion Cycles in West Byfleet.  Now it was time to make some final preparations before my journey began, including cleaning and packing my bike for its flight to Los Angeles, Kauai, and finally Maui for the ascent to the Sun!
Time was too tight to get out on the road bike this week; there is this little thing called life that tends to get in the way of training – work, scuba refresher courses, collecting from university and visiting relatives in Switzerland all happened to coincide this week. However Dave Lloyd wasn’t going to let me get off too lightly. I managed to squeeze in an hour at 100RPM on the trainer on Monday, a session that I’ve become rather fond of. Leg spinning is a great way to build cadence, and practice really does make perfect as I’m finding it much easier to achieve a higher cadence nowadays.
Meanwhile, the Sarto Seta for Athlete Service arrived this week, an incredibly light and elegant bike that I’m sure will be making the rounds on the club runs soon. Another one is due in while I am away, which is going to one of my friends at Beyond Mountain Bikes. Just in time for peak season!
With just a few days until my trip to Kauai and Maui, I spent some time psyching myself up by reading other blogs about the climb. One guy missed his alarm and forgot gloves, which made me feel better about my own level of preparation.  I hadn’t really thought about taking warm gear, but when I checked the weather cam on top of Mt Haleakala the other day, there was snow!  Hawaii is supposed to be sub-tropical – what the devil is snow doing up there?
I am excited at the prospect of my trip, although most apprehensive about the ride.  Taking a bike and everything that goes with it is quite a major undertaking.  I’ve stripped the bike down a lot, let the air out of the tyres, put the pedals in the bag, and added a spare tube.  I also need to pack tools (a torque wrench is essential for carbon frames) and a proper pump.
Despite the busy week of travel, work and prep, I did manage to complete a Sufferfest Downward Spiral on Saturday. A relatively short session with a good warm up and cool down, I quite enjoy this workout. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s certainly manageable and an efficient way to train.
The final day before my trip flew by, and in between last minute prep and a rather lengthy scuba review I didn’t get chance for a ‘session.’ However I think I’ll need all the rest I can get before Hawaii – wish me luck!